Comfortably Numbered offers...a human who is there to handle your immediate accounting needs.  That may not seem like something to boast about, but as this world continues to become more & more digital...and those accounting apps add more bells & whistles (which only seem to confound small business owners more)...and that wait for an Intuit customer service representative grows longer & longer...having that immediate "analog" presence to explain the financial "forest from the trees" of your company's bookkeeping---or outright handle it for you---can be a welcome relief.   We are always available to our clients--regardless of the need or question.  The scope of our professional services includes (available fully or à la carte):




  • Reliable same-day customer support

  • Tax-ready financial statements

  • Affordable payroll processing services (see further down on this page)

  • Implementation of digital filing system (we can scan all those hard copies that are just taking up space)

  • Expertise with the names you know in the accounting world: Stripe, Square, Shopify,, PayPal, etc.

  • Monthly delivery of accurate, up-to-date financials

  • Thorough reviewing of your books & aiding in avoiding any possible costly mistakes





  • Professional bookkeeping

  • Quickbooks Training

  • Set-up of accounting software file or clean-up/maintenance of current file

  • Full tracking of vendor bills/payments (A/P) and customer invoices/incoming payments (A/R)

  • Internal expense report management (petty cash tracking for your employees--and system implementation)

  • Business owner draws/contributions tracking

  • Inventory tracking

  • Benefits/investment portfolio tracking

  • Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation

  • Weekly and Monthly Financial Reports (as needed)

  • Sales and Use Tax Return filing (Monthly, Quarterly or Annually)

  • Form 1099 preparation and distribution

  • Annual final preparation for your tax return

  • Coordination with your CPA

  • Audit support

Payroll Services


Comfortably Numbered provides complete payroll processing services for all clients (for up to 50 employees).  Direct deposit enabling, state/federal quarterly filings, payroll tax e-payments, W-2 delivery for employees, workers compensation/disability insurance enrollment, workers comp audit reporting... all handled by us.