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"I remember right around the time when he was in junior high, Rob used to keep a written record of what he wore to school every day--just so he wouldn't wear the same thing twice, too close in interval... for which I'd endlessly tease him about.  Being freakishly organized was always his thing, way before he ever thought of it as also being a good employable trait.”
Jorge Diaz, Brother

Finance Coordinator..Bookkeeper..Payroll Processor..nebulous "jack-of-all-Accounting/HR-trades"...and guy that some have simply handed a big plastic bag full of statements, receipts and penalty notices [true story] in hopes of having him put out a growing "fire" and getting their company back in business accounting compliance --- Rob Diaz has been all these things to a variety of small businesses.


Born and raised in Miami, FL, Rob naturally spent a healthy chunk of his childhood finetuning his counting abilities while serving as scorekeeper for muchos family domino games.  He went on to earn his college degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA.  After spending several years in Washington, DC working as the Finance Manager for an international non-profit, he continued on to New York City in 2007 to branch out on his own and start Comfortably Numbered LLC.



Rob Diaz


When not extensively using the left side of his brain, Rob enjoys going to see live music, laughing at Larry David's neurosis on the tube or DJing the occasional wedding or one-person headphone party.


“These accountant/bookkeeper guys are a dime a dozen in any big city—although for pure cognitive, quickness and accuracy ability, I’d put Rob up against anyone doing what he does—the true bonus to having hired him is I never felt I had to switch to that ‘dealing with the accountant’-persona when we communicated.  We’d joke, he’d capably handle my financials, and then we’d joke some more—all the while freeing myself up to open two companies and acquire another one.  Rob is a friend and I always recommend him whenever anyone I know needs an efficient, hardworking and honest finance manager.”
​​Marc Schwartzberg, President of Office Furniture Heaven

When tax filing time rolls around, last thing a small business owner wants is to pay a CPA firm’s hourly rate to fix a year’s worth of bookkeeping errors due to hiring an unqualified person--and that's why I happily refer Rob every chance I get.
Susan Lee, CPA
Sometimes he'll randomly ask me to give him two 4-digit numbers to multiply in his head...while I time him--as in, for fun.  Who does that?!
Andre Belelieu, Friend
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